How to Use Odds Percentages

How to Use Odds Percentages to identify value in your bets? More specifically, how to identify which are the soccer bets with the highest chances of winning, irrespective of the draw or lack of goals?

How to Use Odds Percentages

This is a question that many experienced gamblers sift through all day, finding perhaps the only value in their bets. But is there more to it than just pursuit of that one golden inverse percentage?

How to Use Odds Percentages

Maximizing the Return on Your Investment

The returns on your investment are normally expressed as a percentage, fraction or equals/detected. So, if you believe that Team A will win 2/3 of their matches over the course of a season, and that Team B will win 1/3, then the betting strategy you employ is to bet on Team A and take the winnings of the first match as your profit, and to bet on Team B and take the winnings of the second match as your profit.

Apply the spies to soccer bets and you will have a much better chance of winning more bets,

thus propagating your investment growth faster. Fitting your bets to a percentage, or fractional value of return, based on the profitability of your chosen strategy is the key to compounding your profits over the long term, without blowing your returns to the bookies.

By far the most useful tool to use when manipulating the odds in your chosen soccer betting strategy is the Asian Handicap, (made up of the one + one zero, 2.5/1). The principle behind this handicap is that it will counteract the positive betting lines of the favorite, while the negative ones of the underdog.

There are three outcomes to this handicap,

the win of the favorite, the win of the underdog, and the draw. Your stakes in the handicap will have to grow until the outcome of the first match is a win, until the outcome of the second match is a draw, and finally until the outcome is a draw and the final score is 3-3. The higher the scored game, the bigger the stakes will have to grow.

How to Use Odds Percentages

Important factors to note here are:

the probability of a win, the probability of a draw and the average score. By calculating the probability of a win, we can see the approximate percentage of the probability of the desired outcome. With this method, we can stake on the highest percentage of win, which is often referred to as value.

The Asian Handicap

betting liked by many sports betting lovers in Europe and the rest of the world is often (but not always) more logical and aside from a bit more straightforward, the handicap adds value in picking the winning outcome.

It’s often the case that unless the betting lines are in descending order,

the betting will have a greater chance of winning than betting in the decreasing order. Take caution however when you use the Asian Handicap, as it can sometimes lose you a lot of money.

To understand the handicap better, refer to the interactive graphics created by soccer betting lines, which will be shown below.

The lines are the outcome of the match and an indication of the betting chances. The video below provides a direct link to the betting line information as well as all the information required for you to easily view the handicap. The information required to view the handicap is found in the first column of the table.

It will often be pertinent to include the results of team performances in the cursory run up.

In a similar manner, you can regularly find the team statistics in the results section.

How to Use Odds Percentages

Use the search option in the Google results page to find an easily fashionable Soccer betting lines.

Turning to the Asian Handicap, you can easily turn the teams into favorites. This has a positive side, since you will be able to get a better price when you bet on the favorites. At the same time, it is not advisable to make the games too easy because this will result in the less number of bets being placed on the teams.

To make the games more even,

money-line betting is often used in soccer betting. This is the method of making a sports bet, which is a formalized way of betting. Minimum bet 50 baht

This betting method puts a value on every team in the games.

The handicap causes the odds of a particular team to be shown. When the prices are given on teams, a negative figure will accompanied by a figure bigger than 100. When a team is included in the handicap list, the odds are thereby reduced.

In a winner take all soccer bet, it is often profitable to bet in the negative or tied digit. This is the method when you are betting on teams that are forecast to lose or win. You are guaranteed to win the bet when the teams score the exact amount that they were predicted to win by.

How to Use Odds Percentages to identify value in your b…